Chicago-based Certified Sex Therapists offering specialized and individualized treatment for anxiety disorders, OCD, sexual dysfunction, PTSD and personality disorders. 


Many expect that success, motivation and the skills needed to maneuver all of life's obstacles are innate, they just have to "make it happen."  But what happens when you've learned ineffective methods, developed problematic patterns, or find yourself stuck among options?  How can one be expected to solve life's equation when they don't know or understand the formula?   

Therapy can help.  By providing individuals a dedicated time to examine patterns, build skills, and develop a deeper understanding of one's strengths, and how to use them, people can become more effective in their lives.  They can feel competent managing stressors and pain, adapt to life's never-ending uncertainty, and find the motivation to reach their goals.  This is the purpose of MN Therapies.  Click ‘here’ to learn more.

"The best way to get something done is to begin." ~ Source unknown